I'm Beaumont.

I'm an AKC-registered French Bulldog, born September 9th, 2018. 12” tall and 23” long, I'm packing 30 pounds of pure snuggle power! I live with my mom, dad, and Boxer sister Harper in the Pacific Northwest and I love the four seasons + the pool in my backyard...


What's my Sign?

I am a Virgo, but that doesn’t mean I don’t let loose! I love naps and everyone I meet is a friend (except the vacuum).


Favorite Food

CHEESE! But I will eat anything that looks like food; you can’t stop me!


Weird, but Cool

I don’t like baths, only showers! If there is water running, I need to be under it.


Favorite Hobby

CATCH ME! I have a toy, see if you can get it from me. It’s a valuable, not a toy? Even better!

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